Granting of grants to small and medium-sized enterprises

By 2 July 2020 December 31st, 2020 News & Events

Public notice for the granting of grants in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises for the realization of a corporate investment plan for energy efficiency – Axis 4 “Sustainable energy” Investment priority 4b “Promote energy efficiency and the use of ‘renewable energy in companies “Specific Objective 4.2.” Reduction of energy consumption and emissions in companies and integration of renewable sources “

Description of the project
The CAMPANIA REGION through the Directorate General for Economic Development and Productive Activities, has implemented a Regional Program, co-financed by MISE, to support the implementation of energy audits or the adoption of management systems compliant with ISO 50001 standards by part of the SMEs that do not fall under the obligations referred to in art. 8, paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 102/14 to which it has supported, as part of its ERDF programming, the financing of
investment plans for the implementation of energy efficiency measures. The company Ceramiche Italia Srl, following a punctual energy diagnosis with which
the following priority interventions were identified:
– the timely replacement of low-efficiency systems and components with others that are more
– the installation of renewable energy plants for self-consumption;
has firmly decided to plan and implement these interventions to improve the
environmental sustainability of its business.

The company Ceramiche Italia Srl obtained the contribution and implemented an efficiency plan aimed both at reducing the contribution of primary energy of fossil origin with the use of renewable sources, and at the replacement of lighting bodies with the same number of LED technology. At the same time, it adopted an ISO 50001 Energy Management System in order to monitor its consumption and define continuous improvements in terms of energy efficiency.

The implementation of the investment plan has led to a significant reduction in electricity consumption linked to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint of industrial production.
At the same time, the company has obtained important economic benefits due to the reduction of outlays for the supply of electricity, allowing it to dedicate these resources to the development of production.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund